RN's pay in Dayton OH area?

  1. 0 I'm an RN, BSN and just moved from CA to Dayton, OH a few month ago. I applied to many hospitals in the area but for some reasons my applications got rejected. I finally found a job at a nursing home, and my pay rate is $20.50, but they hired me PRN. Do you know what is a pay rate at other places/hospitals? And which hospitals are hiring right now? I have 2 children and need to earn more in order to support them,and student loans to pay off. Thank you in advance.
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    Reply is a month later but I'm a new grad and working in a hospital at 23.50/hr. I know PRN rate for the hospital is $30/hr
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    Starting pay at Springfield Regional is $22/hr I believe; add $5 to that for night shift. I can only imagine MVH and the Kettering Network pay as much or more, especially for an experienced BSN nurse.

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