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    Can anyone help me out? I am planning in moving closer to my grandkids and looking for hospitals that pay into the state PERS system for retirement. Any help would be appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The Ohio State University Medical Center in Columbus is PERS.
    I believe Metro Hospital in Cleveland is also PERS.
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    What general area will you be living in?
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    My husband's grandkids are in the Cleveland area (I'm familiar with where MetroHealth is at). My grandkid is in Huntington, WV. It's on the KY-OH-WV border on the Ohio River, so anywhere in between is cool. I worked in Ironton, Ohio until 2001 and we were a county hospital and paid into the system. Thanks for all your help!! Anyone else???

    I currently work in the VA System, if push comes to shove I can always transfer back to Huntington VA or Cleveland VA. :P
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    There's a small rural hospital called Hocking Valley Community Hospital that is PERS. Check out their website. Southeast Ohio...beautiful Hocking Hills.
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    I would love a smaller community hospital setting. Thanks everyone!!

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