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New Grad Nursing Jobs in Cincinnati

  1. 0 I've recently graduated and am now officially a Registered Nurse. I'm having a hard time finding jobs in Cincinnati. I wanted to wait till I knew I would pass until I started applying for nursing jobs. I've applied at Mercy, UC, TriHealth and Christ and haven't heard anything back. Any suggestions? I'm also super nervous about interviewing for jobs if I do get called. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks :-)
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    Hi, I know you said Cincy but you may want to try Atrium Medical Center in Middletown, Kettering Health Network and Premiere Health Partners.

    Don't give up!
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    Thanks I'll try it!
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    Do a practice interview to help with your nerves. I did this and it helped me sooo much, I was a lot calmer for the real thing!
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    What is your educational background> I think the Cincy market is tough if you do not have a BSN unfortunately...did you work as a PCA anywhere?? I have seen that open doors to the non BSN entry level if they choose to stay where they worked through school AND they like you AND there is a position available
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    I haven't heard anything but keep trying, don't forget the burbs around Cincinatti. You could probably get med surg but no specialty. Good luck!

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