new grad jobs?

  1. 0 is Ohio hiring new grads? its really tough to constantly be told how there will be "such a huge need for nurses" in the future, but NO ONE is willing to train the new grads right now. It seems a little depressing that I may have to continue working as a CNA with a BSN degree.
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    Atrium Medical Center in Middletown, OH (near Dayton) is/was hiring new grads. I'm not sure if they still are, but might be worth looking into!!! Good luck.
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    mount carmel in columbus hires new RN grads frequently
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    It is hard to get a job period. Of the Mt Carmel Accelerated BSN Grads in January 2009, only 2 got hired by Mt Carmel hospital. Keep your application and interviewing skills top notch! I worked as a CNA at OhioHealth as well and they have told me they don't hire new grads at the moment.

    What part of Ohio are you looking to work in?

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