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The nursing program looking rather short. Has anyone attended this school? Is it good, bad, okay??... Read More

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    Why so many people transferring and dropping out?
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    WOOT!!!!!!got my acceptance letter today! ADN Fall start 2011! Good luck to everyone who applied, and lets hear it for Mercy College of Northwest Ohio!
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    Congrats!! I need to check to see if I got mine
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    I havent received anything yet. I am beginning to worry):
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    I got put on the waitlist.

    I dont know how far down I am on the waitlist or anything. I really am sad, and confused. I wont be coming back here for awhile. My dreams have been crushed
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    Hello everyone, I am just wondering if anyone here is starting at Mercy Youngstown campus this fall (2011)...I have been accepted to their nursing program and would love to talk with others who have been accepted
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    Im gonna give it another shot everybody. I'm gonna apply one more time for Fall 2012. I raised my gpa so hopefully I will get in
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    AddisonLawrence, did you see they changed the criteria to apply and gain a spot in the Nursing Program? Along with GPA, you are now required to take the TEAS Nursing entrance exam (and pass with proficiency in each subject area tested). A plus, Mercy students have priority before other applicants. Congrats on getting your GPA UP!
    Good Luck. As far as the TEAS testing there are MANY blogs and resources for you to study to help rock the test! Another side note; they are changing the school name to Mercy College eliminating the Northwest part of the Ohio!
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    why are they making students take the TEAS now? was there a high drop out rate in the rn program?
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    Well I'm not exactly sure and I don't want to assume.....From searching many Nursing Programs in multiple states my best guess would be that most schools DO have a nursing entrance test and by doing so this gives the committee that reviews applications a better idea overall who may or may not be ready for the vigorous curriculum in the nursing program. By giving these entrance exams admittance will be more selective than admittance based on GPA alone. This may not be the case for Mercy, I'm just giving my two-cents
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    thanx bonnie could you keep me updated on what the RN program is like? nobody ever sticks around in this thread lol there was a student who used to make weekly posts but she stopped after awhile..
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    any students in the nursing program this year wiiling give info on how things are going???
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    I wanted to apply for Fall 2012 but my chemistry is too old. I got accepted for Fall 2011 but could not attend due to my husband being in the military. So I have to reapply and they changed a lot of things. I hae to take the TEAS and now my chem is too old. And now I won't be able to apply for fall because the deadline is Feb 1st. Disappointed.
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