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LPN Wages In Ohio

  1. 0 I haven't seen this thread posted yet......so I will start one!

    I am interested in knowing what LPN salaries are like in the state of Ohio, both Long Term Care and Hospital. And Graduate salaries as well.

    Thank you
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    hmm here in the sw ohio area(cincy,middletown,dayton) I have seen 17-19.(for new grads,and even long time nurses. I have been a nurse for 3 years with LTC and skilled nursing experience and this is what I was offered> geeeez)...thats just down right cheapskate...this really suck if you have been a nurse for a while. I decided maybe I should go to PRN but then the pay rate was the same. I had never seen that before. Seems like the cost of everything is rising and wages are staying the same
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    NE ohio varies. LTC can be 16-18 Hospital 15-17.
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    I'm in the northwest corner near Defiance, with 13 years exp., I just got a raise to a little over $20. I interviewed at a hospital in Lima not long ago and they offered me a little over $13.
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    I live in southern ohio, in the portsmouth area.
    When I started out, fresh out of nursing school, I worked for an urgent care and made $10/hr. Thought that was some big $$ let me tell ya! lol

    I worked for a nursing home owned by the hospital (SOMC) and was paid $15.50/hr waivered.

    Now I work in a NH here in town and make $14.50/hr WITH bennies.
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    I work in LTC and make 21.25 right outta school. I wouldnt take anything under 18. I busted my butt in school and expect the good pay. Its really a shame how some of these places pay. Cheapskates.
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    I am a new grad in central OH and was just hired in a nursing home making $20/hour. I was very satisfied with it!
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    So I live about 1/2 hour or so south of Cleveland. I have been offered 17.00 at a local assisted living. I was also offered 17.50 at CCF. I was glad to take it! P/T at CCF and PRN at assisted living. Can't wait to start working!
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    Lawrence County (PA) is just across the line. The LCCTC LPN staff are saying $15 to $22 for the Penn-Ohio area LPNs. I saw a Craigslist ad for LPNs $25/hr someplace in the 412 area code, which I presume was Pittsburgh.
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    The salary for LPN's vary widely where I live, near Columbus. LPN's can make anywhere from $14-$28 depending on what aspect of nursing you choose.
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    In NE Ohio, I earned anywhere from $16.50/hr(ALF) to $25.40/hr, (agency doing EMR support)depending on job.