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  1. I graduated from a very good nursing school in Columbus Ohio 10 years ago when the economy fell and hospitals were on hiring freezes for years. Nobody would give me a chance without acute care experience and moving out of state was not an option for me at the time. I have maintained my RN license.I have been able to stay in healthcare by working in the DD and Memory care fields, but I have yet to land that dream nursing job, or any nursing job for that matter. I know a lot of friends who completely gave up on healthcare altogether and are now teachers, car salesman, or waitresses. I was so discouraged that I basically stopped applying consistently for about 4 years. Now, I've lost one of my jobs and I'm considering delving into something nursing(or related), in which I can utilize my BSN. I've read about how there are jobs that require no experience, or in which training is provided. At this point, I would need a SIGNIFICANT amount of training if I were to work as an RN. My preference is low acuity, but I know I shouldn't be too picky. I would be willing to train for no pay, if it meant a chance to truly be trained well. Does anyone in the Columbus(or surrounding areas) know of any employers truly willing to train well and accept a very inexperienced, old grad. Thank you in advance for any responses.
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    Have you considered taking a nursing "refresher course" that would help you brush up on your knowledge and skills? That would make you more appealing to employers. The state BONs usually maintain a list of programs in the state, because they sometimes require nurses to take them in order to keep a license (or get it back if they have been out of nursing for years).

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    Yes, I looked into it and it was pretty costly. I had many of my nurse friends ask around to their managers to see if it would make a difference and they said it would not. I even had shadowed some of my nurse friends on their units and had the managers suggest I be hired, but HR would not hire me because I did not have one to two years of acute care experience and did not qualify for their new grad program Thank you for the suggestion though