how long does it take for board to approve app

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    I just completed my application to take the NCLEX-PN ... the website says it takes 30-35 days to process once the application is received by the board. Is this true?? Does it really take that long??
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    When I applied to take the NCLEX-Rn it took about 2 weeks after I graduated. I had sent in my application about a month before I actually graduated. I remember that I was listed as "pending" about three weeks after I sent in my app. Hope this helps.
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    I graduated in Nov and sent in my application/paid all fees right after Christmas. About 3 wks later, my name appeared on the Board's website as "pending". I received my ATT two days later.

    I'm hoping you don't have to wait for 30 days...I know the wait can be a killer.
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    Update, i got my ATI one week after i sent it in... wow fast.. then i took the NCLEX 2 days later.... Today i got my results.... I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!
    it went by very fast for me.. guess it was time things went well for me!!