Help!!! Whos hiring LPNs in Dayton, Oh

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    Hi, i live in the dayton, Ohio area and i have been a nurse for 10 months...with frequent temporary jobs at clinics and staffing places. I have literally applied everwhere!(piqua-cincy) && no luck! im starting to think im in the wrong career field! anyone know of anyone hiring? plz!!
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    If you are willing to travel, Reid Hospital in Richmond, Indiana hires LPNs.
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    Springfield Regional does also
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    Get your RN
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    Quote from cheezwizz90
    Get your RN
    How does that help her now?
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    I've been an lpn in the Dayton area for almost 2 years... I lucked into my current job, doesn't pay much either. RN is the way to go, currently interviewing schools to back for RN. When GM shut down hundreds of employees went into nursing so now there isn't much out there unfortunately. If I hear anything I will post it here, or message you. Do the same for me?