FNP with dual CNM

  1. I need help!!! I and an RN-BSN and i want to get my FNP but I'd like to also be a CNM. I would love to have both certifications. How long are typical post masters degree programs. For example once I am done with my FNP how long generally until I can complete the CNM??
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  3. by   AgentBeast
    Well subtract all the courses that everyone takes to earn an MSN and from what is left to take you can estimate how long it will take you to complete a post masters certificate in whatever specialty you choose. Not looking at anything I'm going to guess a year to a year and a half.
  4. by   AssociateDegree
    Please visit the website of the American College of Nurse-Midwives, www.midwife.org for more information. There are some programs, like the one at Frontier, that can meet your needs. The job market for FNP/CNMs is really strong, so this is a good choice.