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  1. Hi all,I have a BS in psychology from MSJ. I've been looking into becoming a RN for a while. I'm comparing NKU, UC, and Xavier. What's the best route for me to become an RN? I'm looking at the ABSN and direct entry MSN programs because they are the same time (that I can tell) as the community college programs and ill end up with a BSN or MSN for the same time.Also I'm a little worried about the financing for the ABSN because I still have about 10k in undergrad loans. Has anyone been lucky enough to get a deal where their tuition will be paid in exchange for work after graduation?Any information on local programs would help tremendously . Also I was looking at the pass rate AND job placement rate. I'm terrified to spend more money and go to school 1.5 years and not end up with. Thanks!
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