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CSCC online track application

  1. 0 Hi all! Has anyone put in an online track application at Columbus State Community College recently? I submitted an application yesterday and got the application submitted page, but was wondering if CSCC sends out an email to let you know for sure that they received your application.
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    Moving to OH Nursing Program forum.
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    No, they do not. I was able to call and get verbal confirmation that my application was received. I applied summer 2010, found out in late September 2010 that I was accepted to start March 2011.
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    Hello I have a question. I am trying to see if anyone at cscc has taken the hesi entrance exam for the RN program. I am an LpN student there an don't know anyone who has taken it there. I take it in a couple weeks an just trying to see how was it an if its hard. Thanks!
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    I took it in long as you've taken basic math (fractions, etc), anatomy, and biology and are good with grammar, you'll do fine...getting the HESI review from the bookstore helps a lot! Good luck! Let me know how you do.
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    O k thanks! I am really nervous I have the book an I have been studying it. I will let u knw how I do.
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    The math is VERY basic and you have a calculator. It was actually embarrassingly easy. The only part worth studying is roman numerals and household conversions. The reading/grammar part is also at a middle school level. The anatomy/physiology part was harder, but definitely doable. I think I studied for maybe 2 hours total and ended up with a 96% cumulative score. I had my cousin in 8th grade take the practice test and even he managed to get a passing score lol. Do not worry.