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  1. I need some opinions on the schools in Columbus offering lpn-rn. I'm looking at hondros, and cotc. Ive been an Lpn for 6 years. The waiting lists at cotc and cscc are too long for my liking. I want to know if anyone has any opinion on cscc, cotc or hondros. Trying to decide which way to go.
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  3. by   mso819
    Cotc and cscc has extremely long waiting list. I have heard some good thing and bad things about all the schools. But if I were you I would try hondros. No waiting list plus they have the online bsn program. And I have heard there was a but load of homework for Hondros that You have to complete on ATI. I went to fortis and these are just things I have heard from various people I know who attended hondros. Just remember school is what YOU make it.