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Clark State Waiting List

  1. 0 I have been on the waiting list at Clark State for exactly 2 years! Everybody keeps saying I should be getting my letter for fall 2013. Does anybody know when in February they start sending their acceptance letters out?
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    They said the beginning of February. I thought I was going to be accepted Fall 13' also but when I called of course it had changed to Spring 13' which sucks 😁

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    Bummer! I called last week and they said letters would be going out by the end of the week. When did you get put on the waiting list?
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    Got it for fall! Was so excited when I received my letter, but found out yesterday I got accepted to Kettering College BSN program for fall. Now the hard decision... Don't know which to choose.
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    I would go with Clark state, isn't Kettering way more expensive?
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    I have talked to the advisors because I am currently awaiting classes also and the waiting list is still 2 years. They accept 15 into each area so a total of 45 people each enrollment...