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Cincinnati Options

  1. 0 Hi - I'm an experienced ICU RN looking to relocate to Cincinnati/N. KY area. Anyone have any preferences between Christ Hospital, UC Health and the St. Elizabeth system? On paper they look good but it would be nice to hear from those in the area or who have worked for them!

    Other suggestions welcome as well

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    Of those three, I would go with Christ. To be fair, I don't know much about St. E's system. I'm too lazy and cheap to apply for a KY license so I stayed north of the river
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    What type of ICU are you interested in? I currently work at University and we have several different ICU's. Medical, surgical, cardiac, neuro, and cardiac as well as a burn unit which is also an ICU. We are a union facility, and to my knowledge the only one with a union in the area.