Christ College of Nursing 2012 Students?

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    Hello all, I will be starting at Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences in Cininnati, OH this spring semester with their "jump start" option. Going to knock out the 14 hour residency requirement and start clinicals next fall. Anyone else on this track? I don't know anyone else who will be going there . I missed the orientation. I'm transferring from UCBA.

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    Moved to the OH nursing programs discussion forum to encourage responses.
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    I was actually looking into this college. Is there a waitlist to get in?? If so how long is it and what are the pre reqs?
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    Hi! I just got my acceptance letter today, I'm so excited! I'll be starting the summer semester. Are you liking it there?
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    Hi guys! I have been accepted to Christ and I'm deciding on whether or not to send in my mat fee (I also got in to Good Samaritan). Did anyone else have the same dilemma? I don't know which school to choose!

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