Chamberlain-hondros-Indiana Wesleyan?? PLZ HELP

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    hey guys, are there any hondros graduates that have been successful in transferring their credits to either chamberlain or indiana wesleyan? and if they have, how was that transition? also, if you guys wanted to apply for crna school, how do you think they would look at the bsn's from indiana wesleyan and chamberlain?
    i'm currently about to start hondros in the next 2 months, and want to knwo if i can go with my bsn after. i know they have articulation agreements, and money is not an issue, the only thing i want is to be able to get my bsn and apply for the crna program. can you guys help me with some information? i know its not going to be an easy road, but good things dont come easy.

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