capital university accelerated bsn fall 2012

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    i was accepted into capital's accelerated bsn program for fall of 2012. anyone else? just looking to meet some of my future classmates!
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    Hello! I am applying to accelerated BSN programs and am in the midst of taking my pre requistites. Had a question I was hoping you could answer as you are currently in the program. I will have all Capital's pre reqs completed this Spring quarter besides Physiology. I will complete that Summer qtr after I complete Anatomy. CSCCs summer quarter ends before the 2013 start date at Capital, but the website said all pre reqs completed by Spring, do you think I should still apply or would this rule me out? I am going to contact the office, but wanted to see if you knew

    Also, what are the hours of a typical day in the program?

    Thanks so much!!
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    Moved to Ohio State Nursing Programs for more response.

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