Can nursing students take STNA test without the classes? Can nursing students take STNA test without the classes? | allnurses

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Can nursing students take STNA test without the classes?

  1. 0 Reading all the threads about jobs makes me realize I am not alone. I am one of the few of our nursing class that does not work as an aide or other job in healthcare. I have been applying to hospital positions and called nursing homes but they want a license as an STNA. How does one get the first job (aide, etc) when you don't have an STNA and can't get one because you are in school? All the entry level jobs even in LTC require you to have a license. Can you take the exam without the classes, since the content is covered in our nursing classes? Thanks!!
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    Yes, as long as you have passed one semester of nursing school, you can register and sit for the STNA test. I personally went through the classes and was told that by the DON of the program. Two of my classmates just registered and took the STNA test 2 weeks ago without taking the training classes. We are in our third semester (just started) so all you have to do is find a testing agency and register for the test. This link should help you locate an Ohio testing place.

    Good luck!