can i get in with these grades?

  1. 0 Here is my background:

    Eng 101=b
    eng 102=c
    Anatomy =b
    organic chem= b
    Intro pysc=b
    abnormal pysc= a
    human growth pysc=b

    Im trying to get in to Wright state university in dayton since its all based on Gpa what should i do? My gpa now is a 3.0, and im sure all other applicants will have higher gpa. Btw im trying to get in for spring 2011. Oh my god after typing out my grades i feel so sad, i have no A's in my science courses
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    The only person that can make that decision is the admission committee...
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    I understand that, however i was wondering if there are any students out there who had a simlilar gpa and did get with those grades at wright state university. Also can any current students who got accepted to wsu please let me know what your gpa was before being accepted.


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