Brown Mackie- Cincinnati- LPN program

  1. Has anyone here done the LPN program at Brown Mackie in Cincinnati, Ohio? I am seriously looking into them for the LPN program... So any feedback would be helpful
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  3. by   Stethoscopes&Scrubs
    Unfortunately I cant be of much help, I haven't attended Brown-Mackie, but I do know a few people that went there and had a awful time, and couldn't pass the NCLEX because the school didn't prepare them. I believe there program was shut down for a while because of the same issues, So maybe they have fixed it. I would definitely look into it because if your going to spend all that money and time it should be rewarding.. Are you Considering other Schools?
  4. by   Mom of Diskids
    I used to teach at Brown Mackie in Cinci......consider going elsewhere! LOTS of money for a not-so-great education