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Ashland University/Dwight Schar Accelerated Spring 2011

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    My friends roommate is in the accelerated program, and he's doing really well. But I'm not sure how the program is going to be now because of the transition from MedCentral College of Nursing to Ashland University/Dwight Schar. I don't think they've touched the accelerated program as much as the regular nursing program, so I think you'll be fine!
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    Thanks for the update, I was curious to see if anyone else was accepted for May 2011 start date...
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    Hi firmlyanchored I hope you are enjoying your first month of the program. I have a few questions for you if you don't mind? How many students do they accept and what ate the average stats of accepted students? I want to apply for the may 2012 class, but I want to know what my chances are with getting in. Any information you could give me would help. Thanks so much
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    Hey.. .I applied for May 2012 start date. I have a meeting Friday with the advisor. Hoping to get everything ironed out! Any information about this program would be great
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    I was accepted to Ashland Universities May 2012 ASBN program. Is anyone else going there??
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    Hi Cjmurphy09. I applied to Dwight Schar CON and just waiting on the board to review my application and have a phone interview. Wanted to see if you had any advice for the interview along with any info for accepted applicants. I guess we are suppose to take a specialized CPR class and attend a mandatory meeting inarch? They said I look like a great candidate but I nothing is or sure until the acceptance! Are you from Ohio? I am from California but just wanted to get an idea who is applyin!
    Looking forward to hearing from you!


    Anyone else is welcome to respond all tips, preparation and current students I would appreciate your input about the program!
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    Accepted into May 2012 start!!
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    me too! Are you all from Ohio? I am from California..haha
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    ^^Also starting in May. It's almost here!