anyone worked in an ltac?

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    I've been working in an LTAC (Long term acute care hospital) for about one year. Very much like acute med-surg and stepdown patients elsewhere. My problem is, since they are freestanding there is little or no support.

    We have 30 patients 3 rn's, 3 lpn's, 3 stna's. No other departments in this hospital we are in a community building with our one floor converted to a "hospital". I work nights, no doctors or ancillary to help in case of codes. Very scary, wondering if anyone else has worked in this situation. I'm not sure if I like that in case of a code I am the code leader (I'm shift supervisor) Love some input.

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    I understand the concept of ltac, so why would staff in the "regular" part of the facility not respond to a code situation? Who entubates the patient, draws labs, pushes meds, gives orders for shocks, who pronounces if a code is has a negative result? That is quite a patient load to carry and be responsible for a code too. I think I would be talking to some higher ups and voicing my concerns, this is not safe.
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    since I started working for one I have never been so afraid for my license.

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