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Akron Institute-Herzing University

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    I am going tomorrow morning to take my TEAS test for Herzing University-Akron and was hoping to see if anyone had any opinions on the school? I know it is extremely expensive, but unfortunately my nursing school options are limited. I attended U. of Akron fresh out of high school and really struggled and my gpa was about as low as they could go. I hate myself for it, but I have since moved on to another private college and faired much better with a 2.9 gpa. Still not stellar, but much better then before.

    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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    I know this is a really old thread but I am in the application process for Herzing and wanted to know if you ended up going there and if you liked your experience. If you could give me any advice I would appreciate it! Thanks!
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    I no this is a really old thread but did u end up attending the program