1. 0 Hello Everyone! This is my first time posting, and I am feeling stressed out with choosing a school to attend.

    I am graduating from Tri-C in Medical Assisting in May, and got accepted into Tri-C's Nursing program. My original intentions was to work as a MA, while working on my Nursing degree evenings/weekends. Then after passing NCLEX, work as an RN and transfer to a ADN-BSN program. However, I hear that it will be very difficult to find a job as an RN once I graduate. Should I just skip an ADN program all together, and just shoot directly for an BSN program?

    Thank You
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    I did an ADN program and I am now enrolled in a RN-BSN. I would have done BSN if i would have been able to. The only reason I was able to find a job was because I already worked in the hospital and thus had inside connections. My friends without those connections cannot find jobs.
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    I am currently about to start the RN program at CSCC. I am thinking of getting my RN to BSN from OSU. Do you know roughly how much that program costs? I am wanting to save up for it. Thanks

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