Accepted to Mt. St. Joseph MSN, have to pass 3 classes!

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    I'm really excited! I got "conditionally" accepted into Mt. St. Joseph's MAGELIN MSN program. I start August 2013. But, I have to do well in Micro, Chem, and A&P II. I'm going to try to get out of taking the GRE.

    I heard the new GRE is difficult. I'm so nervous. I can't believe this is happening.
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    Good luck
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    I also got accepted just recently! I am very excited!
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    I have been accepted to the August 2013 cohort of the MAGELIN program as well! Have you decided if you are going to work at all during the program??
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    Trying to figure a way out of not working while in the program.

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    I will be joining you guys in the August cohort. Can't wait! When is everyone starting their reading?
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    Hey, I was wondering how the program went for all of you? I'll be starting in January 2015! Any advice?