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TB testing required by law for HCWs?

  1. 0 My hospital routinely gives PPDs to all Hospital staff annually. I had a doctor question this and the only thing I can come up with is that OSHA's position that employers shall offer the TB skin tests. It is not mandatory for the employee to participate, only that the employers make TB testing available to the employees. We're in IL.
    I had always thought this was mandated by one of the regulatory agencies. Any comments on this would be appreciated!
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    Check your state regs.
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    The CDC recommends PPD testing annually for anyone at risk for exposure to TB.

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    I agree with omermera....we still do annual PPD's on all employees as well as 2 step PPD's on all NEW employees.
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    It is mandatory because it is our policy. We generate our policy from CDC recommendations. Employees and others have to abide because it is our policy. No test no work in our hospital. Simple