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    Please PM if you are interested in purchasing used COHN-S or COHN study prep books, and CD. I no longer need them and will provide info on them if you PM. Thanks
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    Hi-i will be taking the COHN exam soon and wanted to ask how did you prepare for the exam? What book or study aid was most helpful to you?
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    I recommend reading "AAOHN's Core Curriculum for Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing" and get a questions CD and keep testing yourself with questions, questions, and more questions!

    Good luck!
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    I agree with Jersey Lily, but I would add another reference: Rogers' Occ. and Envir. Health Nursing, 2nd Ed.
    With these two references and some experience, and ensuring I knew something about every topic in the candidate handbook, I easily passed the COHN-S exam.

    One reason I like certifications are that they force you to expand beyond your daily practice and comfort zone.
    Good luck!