OHN Certification Study Aides

  1. Please PM if you are interested in purchasing used COHN-S or COHN study prep books, and CD. I no longer need them and will provide info on them if you PM. Thanks
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  3. by   kay7da
    Hi-i will be taking the COHN exam soon and wanted to ask how did you prepare for the exam? What book or study aid was most helpful to you?
  4. by   JerseyLilly

    I recommend reading "AAOHN's Core Curriculum for Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing" and get a questions CD and keep testing yourself with questions, questions, and more questions!

    Good luck!
  5. by   3rdcareerRN
    I agree with Jersey Lily, but I would add another reference: Rogers' Occ. and Envir. Health Nursing, 2nd Ed.
    With these two references and some experience, and ensuring I knew something about every topic in the candidate handbook, I easily passed the COHN-S exam.

    One reason I like certifications are that they force you to expand beyond your daily practice and comfort zone.
    Good luck!