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  1. I got a call today regarding an opening for an Occupational Health Nurse; I told them I'd like more information and will be going tomorrow to discuss the job. My background is 29 years of nursing with the last 9 years in Urgent Care; ACLS, BLS and supervisory experience also. In the past I have also worked in a Family Practice, Med/Surg and ER in a hospital setting. I am wondering what your job is like - I realize that all settings are different but would like to hear from other Nurses in this field.
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    I have worked in occupational health in 4 different companies and all positions were different. In 2 of the positions, I had a full time physician at the plant, so we were more or less a full service ER, performing physicals, keeping up with OSHA regulations, coordinating worker's injuries with outside treating physicians, acting as case managers and direct patient care. The other 2 positions we have no local physician and had to refer injuries out to a contracted service. I now coordinate the health and wellness program as well as participate in the safety teams . My job is about 70% administrative. I would recommend the web site of the AAOHN for additional resources and info regarding certification in the field.