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Occupational health nurses in school districts

  1. 0 I am a former school nurse for 6yrs (nurse for 13yrs) on hiatus for the past year as my youngest child is starting kinder in the fall. I was contacted by my former school nurse supr who said the district is going to be approving a position for occupational health nurse. Has anyone heard of/had experience as an occupational health nurse in a school district setting? Thank you.
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    In my last position as a residential school clinic supervisor, the duties of occupational health came to me because of previous experiences. I provided services to all school employees and volunteers. Type of problems were communicable outbreaks, latex allergies among the painting crew, more anaphylaxis generally then the student population, quite a few electrocutions, head injuries among the maintenance crew, heart attacks, aneurysms, BBP policies, disaster planning, post exposure (biologic, chemical, energy) follow - up and surveillance. I saw more traumas among the school personnel then I have in many of my other occupational health positions, including those with fire, rescue, and law enforcement.

    Oh yea . . . Lots of tick borne diseases. Concern for aerosolized rodent droppings were an issue whenever school resumed after a hiatus.