Occupational Health Nurses

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    Need Help answering question regarding OHN. I am a student and need to summit an assignment, problem is I can't find any occupational health nurses to talk to. Can anyone help??

    OHN in an industry setting; What is the scope of practice? Job Functions, and contributions to the business?
    Which of the nurses activities are community oriented?
    Describe a client situation and the case management process that might occur in a occupational health nurse in an industry setting type of practice?

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    Check out this article. It may answer your questions on Occupational Health Nursing practice:


    Good luck in school!
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    Thank you all so much for taking the time to respond. I truly appreciate your help....Thank You!
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    Well, this is very late, but I found the best way to really know what duties an occ. health nurse is expected to do, is to look at what is listed in a job description. Many professional job descriptions can be seen on the AAOHN website under career/job listings. Also, just doing a search on monster.com or opm.gov or careerbuilder.com will list many duties.

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