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Non Industrial Settings

  1. 0 Anyone work in a non-industrial setting? I have an interview coming up for the occupational health nurse at a financial call center. Anything I should know?
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    Yes, you should know everything.

    You won't get severed fingers or burns but you'll get paronchia from paper cuts and plenty of slips/trips/falls. Especially if you get snow--those call center fashionista's will never leave their nice shoes home--don't expect them to wear practical slip-proof footwear just because of the weather!

    Ergonomics will be a big issue, possibly your biggest. Neck/back, wrist/hand, those long hours sitting there--good workplace set-up is essential.

    Consider holistic health--how about a Certified Health Coach (see: American Association of Occupational Health Nurses - Become a Certified Health Coach) Workplace stress?

    Get your company to get you a Cholestek and do cholesterol checks along with BP monitoring. Smoking cessation? Weight reduction?

    You'll figure it out.

    Bone up on FMLA, learn how to do hand/wrist assessment looking for initial signs of Carpal Tunnel and RSI's.