Negotiating for a raise/promotion

  1. 0 When I was hired on in my organization, healthcare and 850 employees, I was the only one in my department and I also have responsibility for infection control. Since then my work has grown to 2 main hospital and 4 outpatient locations. I have brought on one part-time clerk and 1 RN in my department, responsible for all policies, budgets, finding vendors and negotiating prices and services, training new staff, committee leadership and representation, and basic day to day operations of the department. I know that I am being significantly underpaid, at least according to and the annual AAOHN survey. I have been in the position over 3 years and more than demonstrated my value to the division and the organization as a whole, as demonstrated by feedback from my administrator. I am salaried and thus exempt from overtime, and put in well over 40 hours every week.

    How would you recommend that I open the discussion about a promotion and my salary? I am currently in the same salary range as a floor RN in my organization but I feel that this is inappropriate given my level of responsibility.
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