MSN NP program at UAB

  1. Wondering if anyone is in or knows about the NP Occ Health program at UAB. I'm a COHN-S in Las Vegas interested in applying to the distance learning program. Is it difficult to get in and is it realistic to accomplish from LV?
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  3. by   42pines
    There was a fellow who went through the UAB NP Program that used to post here, but I cannot (looking back) find who he is. He didn't do the distance option though.

    It's a highly rated program and I'll be applying myself (but not for distance) in the next month or three.

    I suspect that it's realistic as you'll end up doing clinical with someone in your own area. The book learning can be done anyplace and it really doesn't make any difference where the clinical work is done.

    I prefer being there, it's just my style. I thrive on the energy of others with similar interests.