Interview today- OSHA questions?

  1. 0 I am interviewing for a position later today at a small hospital. The job includes responsibilities in the employee health department. They are asking that the candidate have knowledge of OSHA guidelines. I am familiar with Hazard Communication, PPE requirements and Chemical Hygiene from my work in the laboratory. Is there anything else that I need to know? I looked on the OSHA website but was unable to find what I was looking for. TIA
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    You will need to know about OSHA recordability (what work related injuries/illnesses are recordable on the OSHA log), what is the maximum amount of time from injury to reporting are required. Go to the website, then go to the Safety and Health Topics and then to the recordkeeping. For my job that has been the most involved part. I have to know what is recordable, what constitutes lost time, restricted time, and how all of that affects my worker's comp cases.

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