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An OHN? What kinds of jobs are out there?

  1. 0 I've decided to apply for an NP program with a specialty on Occupational Health. I have not much exposure to this field, but I'm interested in having that as my specialty. I was wondering what kind of jobs are out there for an Occupational Health Nurse with an NP degree/certificate. Also, what state do you practice? Is it true that it's hard to find a job as an OHN? I'm from California, what will my future be like here as a future OHN? Thanks!
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    Good luck in the NP program. I know that some of the larger manufacturing facilities have NP's on site in their medical clinics. Physicians and NP's work with the manufacturing facilities to ensure the best care for their employees while preventing OSHA recordables and lost time accidents.
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    I work in the offshore oil and gas industry. It is a combination of occupational health, and industrial safety.
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    hi! just like to as if there are a lot of industrial or company nurse opportunities abroad?

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