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    I'm an RN with two and half years of Emergency experience. Currently trying to bite and claw my way into OB and L&D nursing. I would consider myself extremely clinically sound, and feel as though it is my lifes mission and my destiny to assist ante and post partum women. The problem I'm having is that I keep bumping into this sentence at every application " Labor and Delivery expierence required". So I can't get a job because I never had a job. I spend my free time reading clinical text about obstertrical and neonatal nursing, I applied for CNM school, I even attempted to get NRP certified to make myself a more attractive canidate. Does anyone have any advice for what else I should do?
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    I think getting NRP certified is a great idea! Even if it says experience required, I would still go for it, and show the manager your enthusiasm. I think ER would be a great basis for a nurse transferring into L&D. I don't know that being in CNM school will help, especially if the manager worries that you will leave shortly after she gets you trained.
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