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  1. 0 I am a fairly new L&D nurse, and didn't get much exposure to triages as I was made to focus more on labors and sections... I was just wondering what the most common scenarios you encountered with triages and how you handle them. Pretty much the majority of what I have seen is possible labors and just general abdominal pain.
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    Decreased fetal movement- NST

    Bleeding/Spotting- NST and perineal inspection/evaluation before vaginal exam if okayed by doctor

    ? ROM-amnisure or nitrazine

    Nausea and Vomiting- signs and symptoms, NST, maybe IV hydration

    Headache/BP symptoms- evaluation of HTN, labs, NST
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    Preterm contractions--fFn if appropriate, hydration, possibly tocolytics, SVE. Observation post MVA or falls- NST, possibly ultrasound. Flank pain- r/o pyelonephritis, kidney stones.
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    Are there any ob/ gyn nurses out there how have macros they use to remember questions for screening? I work with the army and they have a program called Asutype. It stores macro sets which can be used to help medical staff document faster.