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Team Nursing in OB unit??

  1. 0 I am in a small hospital that does 400 deliveries a year. I frequently work with travel nurses and I am frankly becoming burnt out because I constantly have to micro manage them. One suggestion that I recieved to deal with the stress of constantly changing staff (every 8-12 weeks) is to employ team nursing. I have only heard of the concept of team nursing in passing. Does anyone use this technique?
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    Why do you use contract employees so regularly? Would seem to me that the money your facility is putting out for contract nurses, you could've hired some permanent staff. It also seems to me (with the info provided) that the source of your issues is with the constant turnover. What is preventing your from hiring and retaining permanent staff? Have never heard of team nursing in the context that you are referring to myself, but will be interested to see who responds.
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