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Saw this on the NEONATAL/NICU Area and I believe it's a GREAT idea. WHO knows better the best reading materials, books, sites to use to enhance our knowledge of Inpatient OB/GYN nursing than midwives and OB-GYN and newborn... Read More

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    Several people have listed the book Birth Stories, without an author... is it possible that Birth Stories is actually Part 1 of the book Ina Mays Guide To Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin?

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    Quote from shell_rn
    several people have listed the book birth stories, without an author... is it possible that birth stories is actually part 1 of the book ina mays guide to childbirth by ina may gaskin?
    i believe the book is:

    birth stories (subtitle: mystery, power, and creation) by: jane dwinell

    that is the one i have read. now there is another by author, janet i. ashford called birth stories: the experience remembered....i have not read that one.

    immaculate contraception by emma dickens is a good one, too. and as previously mentioned, midwives by chris bohjalian. i love that book and the movie with sissy spaceck.

    siri, crnp, clnc, rlnc
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    I am currently reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and part one is a collection of birth stories, but I've also read Birth Stories and they are two seperate books. Both are wonderful. I also have another collection of birth stories called Labor Day: Shared Experiences from the Delivery Room by Ann-Marie Giglio which was good too. I'm off to Amazon now, thanks everyone for all of the suggestions.
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    I reed the RED TENT for my book club. I loved it. I think all L&D nurses should read it!!! And all women.
    Quote from MinervaB
    I would add "The Red Tent." It is a fictional book, but is a great read for anyone interested in childbirth and history.
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    I read "WE're No Angels" after seeing the movie. We all think we have had it bad until you read that book. I lent the book to my husbands Uncle who was in WWII and he loved the book. He said he was so glad to read something that was accurate about the feild nursing. He also told me that alot of guys would not have survived if it hadn't been for the nurses that cared for them. Not only for the medical care they received but for the caring and compassion.
    Quote from mtnmom
    Thanks so much for all the wonderful suggestions - My "wish list" for reading seems to constantly outpace available time, but I am going to put several of these at the top of my list!!

    I have not read "The Red Tent" but have heard very good things about it.

    Another title that a sister-in-law (who is an atty, not in medicine) recommended to me, but that I have not had the opportunity to look for, is titled "Misconceptions"...has anyone heard of it??? It seems to be similar to the title previously described on this thread that goes into all the abuses of the natural birth process perpetuated by the medical system.

    And lastly, I have to put in a plug for one of my favorite all-time nursing books...not in the least related to OB/GYN but should be read by any American nurse..."We Band of Angels". This book details the story of the military nurses forced to evacuate with the troops during the Bataan death march in WWII Phillippines. The story of the sacrifices that these nurses made to care for their troops, the way they improvised, and the subsequent time they spent under Japanese capture in internment camp is incredible reading. Sorry its not OB-GYN reading but I promise you wont be disappointed, especially if you have any interest in history.

    Keep adding your wonderful suggestions, please!!!
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    I am a new RN and an old LPN for twenty years in the OB/Nsy department. What do I really need to learn as an RN.
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    I'm so excited, i have just found this new connection to nursing! i am an ol l&d nurse of 20 yrs, still learning as much as i can always!
    my manager has just given me the task of redoing our care plans for l&d, any resources?suggestions?for formats,etc.?
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    AWHONN is a great resource for perinatal nursing standards of practice. They even have a book entitled similiarly. Also, be aware of ACOG standards when writing new policies/care plans.

    As you know, also, there are some good Nursing Care Plan books out there specific to L/D nursing. You can also "borrow" policies/care plans from other hospitals in your area or from nurses you know nationwide......

    I would start with AWHONN first, and go from there. Welcome to our forum and good luck to you.
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    I am thinking of making a switch to a mom/baby unit. It's been awhile, so what's is the main focus of a mom-baby unit. Teaching?.
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    Here is a book by an author I loved during nursing school:

    hope this helps.

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