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Saw this on the NEONATAL/NICU Area and I believe it's a GREAT idea. WHO knows better the best reading materials, books, sites to use to enhance our knowledge of Inpatient OB/GYN nursing than midwives and OB-GYN and newborn... Read More

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    Thanks so much for all the wonderful suggestions - My "wish list" for reading seems to constantly outpace available time, but I am going to put several of these at the top of my list!!

    I have not read "The Red Tent" but have heard very good things about it.

    Another title that a sister-in-law (who is an atty, not in medicine) recommended to me, but that I have not had the opportunity to look for, is titled "Misconceptions"...has anyone heard of it??? It seems to be similar to the title previously described on this thread that goes into all the abuses of the natural birth process perpetuated by the medical system.

    And lastly, I have to put in a plug for one of my favorite all-time nursing books...not in the least related to OB/GYN but should be read by any American nurse..."We Band of Angels". This book details the story of the military nurses forced to evacuate with the troops during the Bataan death march in WWII Phillippines. The story of the sacrifices that these nurses made to care for their troops, the way they improvised, and the subsequent time they spent under Japanese capture in internment camp is incredible reading. Sorry its not OB-GYN reading but I promise you wont be disappointed, especially if you have any interest in history.

    Keep adding your wonderful suggestions, please!!!

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    wow thanks for the suggestions.

    guess who's going to Barnes and Noble today!
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    OH, this is a fabulous thread and I am going to copy and paste all of your suggestions into a document I can save for future reference!

    Thank you!
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    How about some more homeopathic/herbalist books? anyone got suggestions????? I am really searching here!
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    this is probably not what you're looking for, but have you heard of the book "immaculate deception ii" by susanne arms? here's a cut 'n paste of the books from peggy vincent's website:

    immaculate deception
    suzanne arms
    sociology: written in 1975, this classic book is a groundbreaking exposť of childbirth practices, designed to challenge the medical profession and to help american women reclaim responsibility for their own births.

    immaculate deception ii: myth, magic, & birth
    suzanne arms
    sociology: an updated version of the original, this edition, published in 1994, takes into account the medicalization and mechanization of childbirth that has occurred since the advent of fetal monitors, etc.

    i'm definitely in a "summer read" mode and i'd love to hear if anyone's read this. i've already ordered it from amazon. in fact, i've ordered another book from amazon related to ob.

    must. get. off. their one click buying is getting a little too dangerous for me. :chuckle

    actually, while i'm here, i'll mention peggy vincent's suggested reading list from her site, she has a list of suggested reading books. anyone read these? i'd love to hear if anyone has read any of these. boy, if i had an unlimited book budget...
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    Quote from rpbear
    I am reading A Place Called Trinity by Delia Parr. It is an excellent fiction book about a midwife in Pennsyvania 1833 who is losing some of her patients to a new MD who just moved to town. Very good, not finished yet so I don't know how it ends. I tried to find Hard Labor, but it is out of print! I will try to find it on the internet somewhere.
    I don't know if you've found it, but you can get it from Amazon. There are a lot of books you can get from them despite their print status.
    Here's "Hard Labor":

    It sounds like a fascinating book as well. I've also just ordered "The Diary of a Midwife" in addition to "Immaculate Deception II". Like I said, I MUST get off Amazon as I have hit my "Summer Read Mode." When the weather gets too hot to be outside comfortably, my body wants to do nothing but stay inside and READ READ READ. Amazon is probably going to make a lot of money off me as it's hot early this year.
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    Went on vacation and read this, last week. It was a very good book.


    Quote from imenid37
    A Midwife's Story by Penny Armstrong. Great book. I really enjoyed it. It's about a midwife working with the Lancaster County Amish.
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    love that book! A great read!!!

    I also loved "Water Birth" I can't recall who wrote it, but It was a CNM who worked with the guy who help pioneer it.
    Happy reading!
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    Baby B by Michael Ryan

    This book chronicles him and his wife going through IVF and a high risk pregnancy. It was an excellant account from a patient's husband point of view.

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    Wow! I was just thinking I need a good reference book, and boom, here is this thread.

    I am working in the quality dept of a managed medicaid company, and I do chart reviews. I am not an OB nurse, have always hated it btw, but it seems most of the chartrs I review are related to OB or GYN issues. I struggle to understand the usual procedures, etc...and always call a maternity CM to educate me.

    So, can anyone recommend a good reference book? One that includes procedure care, and routine GYN care?


    Oh, I almost forgot, may I add one?
    Silent Knife : Cesarean Prevention and Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC)
    by Nancy Wainer Cohen, Lois J. Estner (Paperback )

    Usually ships in 24 hours
    List Price: $34.95
    Buy new: $34.95
    At amazon.

    Very moving insights into women's feelings after C-section.
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