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Saw this on the NEONATAL/NICU Area and I believe it's a GREAT idea. WHO knows better the best reading materials, books, sites to use to enhance our knowledge of Inpatient OB/GYN nursing than midwives and OB-GYN and newborn... Read More

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    We all need to understand how to care for women who have suffered physical abuse and rape trauma. I found this book at my local library, by the amazing Penny Simkin:

    When Survivors Give Birth: Understanding and Healing the Effects of Early Sexual Abuse on the Childbearing Woman

    Penny is the master when it comes to helping us learn how to best care for our L/D and post partum patients; she is a nurse and doula. Give this book a try. It's definitely worth a read!!!!! Sometimes, we are at a loss how to deal with the issues these patients bring into the hospital setting. They are vulnerable and often angry, as well as unbelievably traumatized. This book helps us understand how to help them while they are in our care and we are working to build a trustful relationship.

    Any book by Penny Simkin is worth a look. I own several and they never disappoint.

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    Quote from obgirl33
    i just recently read the book pushed by jennifer block. loved it! would recommend it to anyone in the ob field or any woman who is pregnant or planning to have children anytime soon. makes you take a step back and look at how the ob community and the process of birth has changed for mothers, nurses, midwives, and doctors.
    jennifer block's book is great- i just finished it a little while ago. another one i would recommend that is in the same vein is "born in the usa" by marsden wagner md. he is a perinatologist (ob & neonatology) turned perinatal epidemiologist who basically considers himself as a whistle blower for american maternity care.

    another really interesting one i read a while ago was "birth: the surprising history of how we are born" by tina cassidy.

    "the labor progress handbook" by simkin & ancheta is a must have for l&d nurses!
    and for really learning l&d - "intrapartum management modules" by kennedy, ruth, & martin

    for learning newborns, "physical assessment of the newborn: a comprehensive approach to the art of physical examination" by tappero & honeyfield.

    i'm also a fan of "wise woman herbal for the childbearing year" by susan weed. we have a lot of patients that come in taking herbs and tinctures of all sorts and this has been a good reference.

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    Hello & thanks for this wonderful reading list. I can't wait to get to them.

    I'm a pre-nursing student (hopeful eventual L&D RN). I purchased Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler and it seems to be a really good read along the lines of the holistic approach to family planning. This is going around in my circle of married friends who hate the Pill, shot, IUD, etc & it's very informative.

    Also, I know this is a reading forum, but once I started getting really interested in nursing I netflixed The Business of Being Born. It's a Ricki Lake documentary about interventions in modern day L&D and was also very good (IMO). I don't know how all the L&D nurses feel about these more natural approaches, but I'd be very curious to read some feedback.

    These may be somewhere in the 101 responses to the OP, so I apologize if they are!
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    I have to ask....what is a "Sticky Thread?"

    Ina May Gaskin has some videos on Youtube, which I found very enlightening.

    Also, "house of babies" shari daniels has some great videos showing some basics to childbirth for new grad L&D nurses.
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    im looking for a jounals of annotated reading about this ob-gyne and newborn care. pls post a link on where could i get some:wink2:
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    AWHONN's Perinatal Nursing 3rd edition is a great resource for the unit, and it is also a wonderful, wonderful book to study for the RNC exam.

    I also like the Susan Martin Tucker handbood of fetal monitoring - this was my little Bible when I first started Labor and Delivery.
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    I'd like to add a shoutout to another, slightly different book. For anyone interested in the history of nursing and the changes to midwifery policies, this is a must read.
    Sandra Lee Barney
    Authorized to Heal: Gender, Class, and the Transformation of Medicine in Appalachia.
    It's a great social history which discusses the roots of tension between physicians, nurses, midwives, and public health practitioners. Interestingly enough, the arguments against public health in the early 20th Century are the same arguments that we are hearing today against social medicine!
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    who: midwifery education modules

    the six modules aim to help skilled practitioners think critically and make effective decisions on the basis of solid knowledge and understanding of these complications. when using the modules for basic midwifery programmes, it is understood that students should already be competent in most of the basic skills such as measuring blood pressure, performing a vaginal examination, conducting a normal delivery and prevention of infection.
    the modules were released in 1996 and have now been updated in line with recent evidence and the who clinical guidelines. each module can be taught independently of the other modules. it is however advisable to work through all of them.
    module 1: foundation module [pdf 1.47mb]

    module 2: managing eclampsia [pdf 0.78mb]

    module 3: managing incomplete abortion [pdf 3.6mb]

    module 4: managing prolonged and obstructed labour [pdf 4.74mb]

    module 5: managing postpartum haemorrhage [pdf 1.88mb]

    module 6: managing puerperal sepsis [pdf 0.84mb]
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    I have an interview on a L&D unit att he end of this month. Would love to know some good books to help me brush up in the area of L&D. I have been working in LTC for 2 years now and L&D was my original plan. I dont want to screw up on this interview. Please HELP!!! I need a quick reference guide that is accurate and current. Also, if anyone has tipps on interviewing I am open. I really need all the help I can get. I want this so bad and am notorious for flopping interviews: I think because I am too honost or too vague and really nervous. Please, anyone, HELP and thanks in advance!!!
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    Hi everybody.

    I'm looking for some information about history of obgyn nursing in USA and how can you became an OBGYN nurse and nurse practioner in OBGYN? Thank you for any information.
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