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Question for OB nurses

  1. 0 Is it possible at some point in pregnancy for the abdominal muscles to separate or stretch to a point where they won't go back to normal even with exercise?

    This sounds like a dumb question but I was having a conversation with someone and neither of us was sure. Neither of us has worked OB, and I can't remember the answer.
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    My friend had that happen to her in her second pregnancy. The abdominal muscles were divided right down the center of her belly. She would complain that no matter what abdominal exercises she did, it made no difference.

    We studied it briefly in school (hence the conversation), but I can't remember the name of the condition.
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    I remembered this also, but had to look it up for the proper name: Diastasis recti abdominis. It is a condition that can persist, where the abdominal muscles are separated right down the middle. SG