OB volunteering/non-job experiences?

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    I'm wondering if anyone knows what kind of volunteer opportunities are out there for someone who is really passionate about the birth process/women/neonatal health? I'm a newer nurse, currently working in med/surg, and will eventually be transferring into obstetrics. For now however... while I'm gaining my 'ticket' (experience) in... I am starving for anything on the subject!! I fill my free time with reading books, journals, blogs on the subject of birth.. watching documentaries, movies, youtube videos. Does anyone know of anything else I could/should be doing to improve my resume and increase my knowledge of the area in the meantime?

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    Im not sure! But very interested to find out
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    Become a doula, a childbirth educator or lactation consultant.
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    Quote from Bandaide
    Become a doula, a childbirth educator or lactation consultant.
    How does one become a lactation consultant?
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    Go to the IBCLC website and you can also become a lactation educator (check out UCSD's extension program online).

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