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NRP lesson 3 confusion (?_?)

  1. 0 hello! thanx for reading. i've just started reviewing the NRP book and i'm confuse about the free-flow oxygen for the flow-inflating, supplemental oxygen and PPV. can anyone differentiate or clarify these three. i mean is PPV a supplemenal oxygen or its just part of ventilating the lungs? cause in the book "ventilating the lungs is the most important and effective". and it says when the newborn is in secondary apnea to proceed to PPV, so can i use the words "supplemental oxygen" or should i use "ventilate the lungs"?

    (oh yeah i'm not sure if this post should be under this area)

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    Free flow is blowby, PPV is bagging or CPAP.
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    PPV can be done with or without supplemental oxygen. Ventilating the lungs is the most important thing and you don't necessarily need supplemental oxygen to do that. It can be done with room air.
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    thank you NicuGal and BuckRN!