Newborn assessment books or websites?

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    I'm just about finished with my first semester of upper division nursing school and landed my dream job as a student nurse in the newborn nursery! For my job I will basically function as a tech on the floor and will be performing newborn assessments and doing things like heel sticks. I'll also be doing typical baby care like changing diapers and giving baths. I'm excited but also really nervous because I have zero experience with babies and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on books or any resources I could pick up to prepare myself. Any advice would be appreciated as well!
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  3. by   roni1990
    Saunder's is a good book. It gives you generic info on what to look for and what is normal and not normal. I'm applying for a newborn nursery job and I'm also trying to look up what nurses do and books with newborn assessments.
  4. by   navywifeRN
    I found this pdf file for you. I hope that it is helpful.

    Congrats on obtaining this position! It will help when it comes time to find a job once you graduate and pass the boards! Good luck!!