NANDA help needed - C-Section pt

  1. Hi all -

    I know risk for bleeding/hemorrhage is a biggie post c/s, but what is the NANDA i should use for this?


    Many thanks!!!!
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  3. by   JoniL&DRN
    Risk for deficient fluid volume R/T increased blood loss secondary to surgery I believe would be the appropriate NANDA dx

    don't forget...

    Acute pain R/T surgical incision

    and of course

    Risk for infection R/T surgical incision

    and let's not discount

    Anxiety R/T unmet expectations of childbirth
  4. by   gt4everpn
    Risk for FVD also, that and risk for pain due to c/s , maybe even impaired skin integrity- that would probably be at the bottom.
  5. by   HM2VikingRN
    and don't forget
    Acute pain r/t abdominal surgical incision
  6. by   mamma3munchkins
    I had a post surgical client my clinical instructor said

    Risk for injury: Bleeding R/T abdominal incision
  7. by   nycNurse2b
    Many, many thanks everyone!!!
  8. by   kellyo
    Risk for injury
    Risk for impaired tissue perfusion