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  1. Hello! I'm a student nurse and will graduate in May as an RN. I am currently doing my preceptorship on the OB floor and have seen the good and the bad but am loving this area of nursing. I welcome any advice about things I should be doing now to give myself the best chance for getting hired after I pass my boards. Are internal hires easier? Should I apply now as a CNA? In your experience what are some tough questions that you have seen in interviews that I should be ready for? Any advice welcome! Thank-you!
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  3. by   laraclaire
    I think the hardest question I was asked during my interview for L&D right after graduation was why do I want to be an OB nurse. Sounds simple but have an answer ready in your head before you go for the interview. When you're on the spot, it can be hard to think of exactly why you're going after the position. I looked up the most common questions for nursing interviews and wrote out answers for each. I didn't memorize my answers but it just helps to get your thoughts ready and organized. Hope that helps!