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So I am posting this both here and on the student nursing to hopefully get some help. Co-workers and doctors I work with are unable to help either, so I am calling out for some major help!! So I... Read More

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    Frontier is the place for you! I have a coworker that just finished up with them. She had to go up there twice. Once when she started and once when she finished. Everything is online, work at your pace. She worked ft nights on the floor and had plenty of studying time. She loved it and swears by it. Don't give up on your dream but consider redirecting yourself to a program that's more "do-able" and wont require the pharmacology to increase your GPA. Just apply to Frontier and see what happens GOOD LUCK!!

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    Which school do you attend Dariah ? I live in Minnesota and would like to transfer my college so bad.Does your college accept transferred Nursing courses here in Minnesota or even else where if you know any.I am also looking to take Pharmacology online.Please let me know

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