Do GYN's treat a bladder infection?

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    In future I would like to help women to get rid of this infection. I know how annoying it can be. I'm not sure if its more for for Gyn's or urologist

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    I certainly do not go to a gyn for any UTI's
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    GYN's certainly do treat UTI's but mostly for pregnant patients. A non pregnant patient should go to their PCP or urologist to be treated.
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    Virtually any prescriber can generally treat an uncomplicated UTI - no specialist necessary.
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    I worked GYN for 10 yrs. We treated UTIs, esp since many women who never had one couldn't tell the difference between a UTI and a yeast infection or HSV II outbreak.
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    Some (not all) OBs and CNMs know a lot about UTIs. and would have enough sense to get a workup done if you had > 3 UTIs in 6 months. They would then refer you (possibly) to a urogynecologist, who knows a lot about UTIs in WOMEN, as opposed to a general urologist, who may treated primarily men.

    Going to a urologist first before a workup has been done + a trial of post-sex antibiotics, or possibly a once a day antibiotics for a month, seems a bit hasty. Recurrent UTIs often have something to do with an anatomical issue that allows urine to pool. One cause of this may be pelvic organ prolapse, or low estrogen levels in older women, so a good gyn exam and then treatment of the underlying cause is warranted first.
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    A gyn or Pcp can treat a UTI or bladder infection, but if they are recurring, they should see a specailist and find the underlying cause.
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    Yep, all the time. I think a gyn or CNM is the place to start because often UTI symptoms are similar to reproductive symptoms (yeast, bv, sti's, PID) so it's good to rule those out if they are a possibility.
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    I would think so...I had UTI while pregnant..all the s/s, but I had to encourage my doc to treat it with the right drugs.
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    Wow, I had 3 infections for the last year, now Im really concerned. Gotta find some good urogynecologist.

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